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Name:  Benson.
Age:  25
Location:  Southern Calfiornia.
Relationship:  Happily taken.
Interesting Fact:  I own a Flowbee.
Car Name:  Impact Black, Black Beauty, Black Stallion
Music:  R&B, rock, hip-hop, jazz
Job:  I work at Southland Credit Union
Life goal:  To be happy, surrounded by the people who I love. To do good in the world... being a positive role model to as many as I can.

Things I like to do: Spend time with Kristy and Neen... throw BBQ's... that's about it. Besides drifting at over 85mph in 3rd gear.

Food: Japanese food, Korean food, Chinese food, American food, Italian food, Mediterranean food, Mexican food, Peruvian food, Cuban food, Taiwanese food... I pretty much eat and love everything.

How I describe myself: I am basically a nice guy. I'm compassionate, and it's easy for me to empathize with people. The golden rule is very apparent in my life. I love kids. And drifting at over 85mph.

My favorite color: Chrome.

Things I hate: Men that do not respect women... whether it's from being too persistent at clubs, to not respecting women in our daily conversations/interactions with them, to rape... I cannot stand this, and it seems like its the only thing that can seriously infuriate me - besides slobs that stink and can only think about how to take advantage of other people's money. Oh, and parents that chase their kids around with guns. Do you ever wonder if those people even realize what scum of the earth they actually are? It makes me sad.

Music: My music preferences are always changing... as of today, I'm listening to 80s... and I can never get sick of old sappy R&B songs from the 80s and 90s.

My desk at work: Here

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