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Okay, so maybe these pages here aren't so amusing. But I think they're fun! Aren't these little website page introductions annoying? Yes, I think so too. So stop reading and go amuse yourself (with the following links):

Why You Should Buy A Nissan 240sx!
Yeah, I don't know either... If you are the owner of an S13 (1989-1994 240sx) then you will really relate to this page (unless you are very lucky - and in that case, please sell me your car.) If you aren't yet an owner of an S13, check it out... and try to figure out why the hell I love this car so much. I've yet to figure it out still. Hahaha!

Drift Team Name Generator
I made this page in Javascript - my first attempt at programming Javascript from scratch. If you ever want to program in Javascript save yourself the trouble and do it in some other language. Anyway, this page is really fun... I can sit and click away at that dumb little button for a really long time.

Artwork New!
Some random artwork ranging from drawings, doodles, digital art, I dunno. You can see my own work, and that of my friends also. There are a lot of talented people out there...

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